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Competitiveness is the added-value we build to our customers and partners.

We support your priority on competitiveness with intelligence, knowledge, services and solutions or as an entrepreneurial promoter.

For municipalities and regions, local competitiveness is the response to emerging challenges resulting from global changes. Rising competition for investment and jobs pressures local and regional governments to develop effective competitiveness agendas. Market and socio-economic analysis, funding advice, strategy consulting, modelling, strategy advice, corporate consultancy, management consultancy, process and data analysis, communication and design are available to support municipal competitiveness agendas.

For technology development projects, auditing, corporate, management, strategy, technology consultancy, funding advice, market and socio-economic analysis, modelling, and software development are available competences to be integrated in research to innovation projects under public funding, shared investment schemes or our own investment.

For industry, modelling, strategy consulting and energy services are available to be integrated in projects aimed at enhancing entrepreneurial competitiveness.

For tertiary activities, energy services are available to increase entrepreneurial competitiveness operating on efficiency and cost reduction.

For governmental bodies management, corporate and strategy consultancy have been provided under the scope of support competitiveness promotion programmes implementation.

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